Nothing To Lose

Aaron Lipp

This album is a collection of sings written pre and during the pandemic of 2020. Recorded almost exclusively at Aaron's home studio, Temple Cabin Studios, they reflect the feeling of this period in life. These songs have multiple meanings, different to everyone with the goal in mind to help us all to express ourselves in deeper ways more often, and to find peace and happiness in this beautiful life.

Track Order:
1. Better Black & Blue
2. They Say I've Been Lonely
3. Nothing To Lose
4. Pay The Rent
5. Rough Around Town
6. When You Have Gone Away
7. Bittersweet Nightshade
8. Red Dress Song
9. Sweet River Fruits
10. Fisherman's Grin
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Pre-Order the new record from Bobby Henrie & Aaron Lipp right Here!!! Click Below. Album officially releases August 20 at Hollerhorn Distilling, Naples, NY!

Lonesome Hillside

Bobby Henrie & Aaron Lipp

Bobby Henrie & Aaron Lipp aka the Lonesome Hillside Brothers were drawn together by a mutual love of Doc Watson and Flatpick guitar tunes. Adding Brother Harmonies, fiddle & banjo duets, originals and embracing all kinds of Roots Music, they show tremendous range and deep respect for musical traditions. They honor their heroes and take it further. Growing up in the Finger Lakes, where Bobby & Aaron both live on Lonesome
Hillsides (of equal latitude). The solitude and solemnity inspire such music as you’ll hear on this offering.
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In this unprecedented time in our lives I have managed to finally launch one of my dreams - A music studio offering high quality audio production, in-house producer and multi-instrumentalist (myself) in an amazing remote location with a beautiful view. This project began years ago as I started collecting recording gear for my own music/demos at home and slowly spiraled into some state of the art recording equipment, instruments, and most of all a space with a calming, killer vibe that gets the creative jucies flowing.

I am happy to announce Temple Cabin Studios!

Currently booking sessions for Solo artists, bands, voice-overs, interviews. For more information email or


Hey Y'all,

 This is an interesting time for musicians and artists, among EVERYBODY. Most of us are struggling right now, or wondering what to do next. Just be a good friend, neighbor, stay conscious and don't panic! We need each other more than ever. Stay tuned for updates on music release, video streaming and more! Some exciting things in the works for you! As of now, very few gigs are on the books. I will give updates on what ones remain as the pandemic settles down. Thanks for all the love over the years! Couldn't keep doing it without you!

I am now offering more regular online lessons, bootleg recordings, and shipping CDs or Vinyl to your home.

Message me for details if you're interested or just want to help contribute -


Venmo - @TempleCabinRecords

Ca$hApp - $TempleCabinRecords

To all my friends, fans and fellow musicians - We will get through this and be stronger for it!


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